This exhibit truly shows the diversity and the myriad of ways we women seek motherhood. What a blessing! Many thanks

- F.F.

What a lovely, touching exhibit...You have provided a space for heart stories to grow

- E.S.

I loved this exhibition. The photos are so alive and true; the stories are inspirational and joyous! Thanks so much!

- J.C.

Thank you for birthing a wonderfully cohesive, inspiring testament to the divinity of motherhood

- G.H.

How inspiring, spiritually uplifting and life affirming. So glad your exhibit made it to Houston. May it travel the world!!

- D.J.

Lovely exposition. I see myself around the room...Please do more.

- C.M.

Thank you for this meaningful and necessary exposure.

- B.P.Y.N.

Wow! What beautiful photos and wonderfully inspiring stories. Just want to read more and more...

- L.B.