Sponsors & Affiliates


J&M Imageworks; Hartford Seminary; Paula Stoeke for her photo of Susan Ring; Robin Gorman Newman for allowing me to find and project my voice and show all these women that I am "real;" Shana Sureck and Tracy Cianflone for helping me fulfill my dream; my husband for humoring me even if there was nothing to laugh at, and listening to everything long after everything grew old; Vanessa Avery who opened the door when it felt tightly shut; the Griffiths for creating what I was incapable of creating; Theresa Sullivan Barger and crew Scot Scala, Rie Poirier-Campbell and Michael Campbell without whom my work would have just continued on as a very good idea. To the countless women networkers across the country whose stories and conversations propelled me toward the finish line; to all the midlife mothers whose desire to NURTURE has propelled them to fulfill their dreams, regardless of age; and to my children without whom NURTURE would have just been another word.